A healthy personal relationship produces more with less effort.  Isn’t that what you want with your customer relationships?
In a healthy personal relationship couples:

  1. Think together about their view of the world they share (kids, where to live, future plans,) what makes their relationship special and how satisfied they are,
  2. Feel comfortable talking about emotions and feelings, and
  3. Listen and learn in which directions they want to grow. 

How healthy are your customer relationships? Do you:

  1. Think with your customers about the world you share (the product category,) what makes your relationship special (your brand) and their satisfaction,
  2. Think psychologically, as well as in what’s referred to as the real world, with your customers, and
  3. Think with your customers about new products and services?  Their imaginations are the most sustainable source of product innovation.

If you went to couples’ counseling with your customers, what would surface?