What are the outputs of the Business Process Flows

by bobroan on January 24, 2013

In order to measure productivity, we need to measure output.  What do flows do?

They respond to (are started by) some trigger

  • A physical event
    • A shipment arrives
  • Need for a product
    • A service request
      • Fix this, install this, prepare this, quality check this
    • A purchase order
      • Someone just bought 1000 widgets
  • Called as a sub process of a larger project
    • The larger project needs the user manual, so it starts the user manual workflow

This is the output of the flow

  • Initialization
    • Task assignments and instructions
    • Notify people of task assignments
    • Prepare and distribute documents
    • Record initial data in system
    • Notification FYI
  • On an ongoing basis
    • Reminders
    • Respond to requests for information
    • Respond to request for clarification knowledge
    • Record and process inputs
      • Results
      • Feedback
      • Approvals
      • Status change
    • Move documents from one step to another (work orders, purchase orders etc)
    • Extract data from other systems (Internal and Externale)
    • Notify people on a regular and also an alert basis
    • Reports/MIS
    • Rule checking for
      • Reminders
      • Document routing (eg. purchase approval)
    • There are also unnecessary delays, when a flow or task could have started earlier, but didn’t.​

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