Where Should You Try To Increase Productivity?

by bobroan on December 21, 2012

Productivity is an opening into other opportunities

  • Improved product quality
  • Increased capacity,
  • Leveraging scarce resources,
  • Faster start to finish times, and
  • Better manageme​nt information


Align productivity thinking with b​usiness realities.  What’s important at your company right now?  What do you wish you could do better?  Train your productivity eye there.  Follow the money and get better where it matters

  • Where would it help if you could reduce start to finish times?
  • Which products are gaining or losing favor in the market?
  • Where are the company’s opportunities?
  • On what basis does your company compete?
  • Where are resources tightening?
  • Where are your bottlenecks?
  • What does your market value?
  • Where does the company spend its resources?


Productivity changes could also result because of some larger organizational initiative (allow m​ore and user customization, going green, new product development, a quality initiative et al.)


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