Prospect and Customer Engagement

by bobroan on May 2, 2013

What we want to be productive doing varies a lot from business to business but in general it’s good to do things for customers.

Here’s a way to think about how to engage prospects and customers.

    • Start by looking at your current relationship with them by looking at all the ways you’re interacting with them,
    • Then look for opportunities to improve and enhance that relationship, and
    • Finally look for wa​ys to implement those changes in existing interactions or by creating new ones.​


Here’s a fram​ework for looking at your relationship with your customers:

For each of your interactions with them, answer these questions

      • Who initiated the interaction?
      • What’s the purpose?
      • How smoothly does it flow?
      • Is it easy to understand?
      • What is the customer getting from you both psychologically and tangibly?
      • What are you learning about the customer?
      • What else is happening?


Then look at all these interactions as a whole to get a big picture of your relationship with your customer and the types of things you do for them
Identify what you’re doing well and where you want to improve

Then revisit your interactions

    • Add new ones and reconfigure the old ones to fill in the gaps
    • Become more productive
      • Reduce the productivity denominator
        • Is anything unnecessary happening?
        • What can be automated?
      • What else could you be doing?
        • Gathering information

Giving something of value to the customer

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