Think about the product category, your brand and their satisfaction

Educate them about the product/service category

Think of it as a doing product review.

  • The reviewer usually starts with a generic overview of the product
  • Then they’ll describe what they consider the most important features to consider and how they impact performance.
  • Sometimes they’ll speak to personal preference and sometimes allude to objectivity
  • Then they’ll have their favorites.
  • This where you talk about your brand.

Brand Appreciation

Help them understand why you think certain characteristics/features provide the greatest value for people like them

Show them how your brand values manifest in

  • The products you make,
  • The things you resell,
  • The spaces you create
  • The sessions with client
  • customer service/relations.

Their satisfaction

Get them to articulate their expectations so they’ll recognize when they’re met

Help them remember why they’re happy doing business with you and how satisfied they are as a customer

Increase their awareness of the progress they’ve made and continue to make toward their goals.

Make sure they appreciate the unique value your brand delivers to them

Help them feel good about their relationship with you.

Reinforce the benefits they’re getting in a way that matches your brand