Product Innovation

What more can you do for your customers?

  • Think information, customer service, (online and in person) community and education

Getting honest and useful feedback so you can develop products that satisfy customer needs on a broader, deeper and more complete level

  • Have them help you understand them.
  • Encourage feedback.  Be very open and receptive to it.
  • Express your appreciation

Think more deeply.  Get into their “head” and look from their perspective

  • What is their perception of themselves as they interact with you?
  • It will be a rare person who thinks of themselves as your customer.
  • You may be just one component in what they seem themselves as doing. Usually they’re someone who is:
    • Not feeling well,
    • Thinking about their physical appearance,
    • Getting ready for a trip,
    • Trying to put their family together,
    • etc.
  • You’re a task, not the project.    What’s the project?
  • Learn more about them.
    • What more do you want to know about them?

Think more broadly

  • Look for secondary benefits in other places your product intersects their life.
  • What would they like to know about its sourcing and creation?
  • How healthy are the components/ingredients/materials?

Think more completely

  • Enrich the primary benefit they get from you.
  • Add extras